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Cultural Melting Pot: These Girls From Ohio Are Talking To These Boys From Indiana At A Hotel Swimming Pool In Michigan

Embarrassing As Hell: This Man Brought His Laptop On His Family Vacation Like He’s Really Going Bust It Out And Get Into Some Laptop Shit At Some Point

Body Positivity FTW! When This Overweight Student Broke A Chair During Class, Nobody Laughed And A Few People Got Turned On

Not His Best: 5 Episodes Of ‘Parts Unknown’ Where Anthony Bourdain Needed To Chill And Save Money For A Bit So He Cooked Eggs In His Hotel Room

Every State’s Favorite Part Of Taking A Shower With Your Girlfriend

Hard To Watch: Joyce Carol Oates Is The Closest Thing To A Celebrity At This Sacramento Kings Game And She Won’t Stop Making Gross Little Concoctions With The Concession Stand Food

Representation Matters: CBS Is Letting An Extremely Depressed Teenager Host ‘The Price Is Right’

Embarrassing: This Man’s Tan Line Is Very Clearly From Wearing A Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk

Chill, Dude: This Kid’s Mom Let Him Sit In The Front Seat For The First Time And He Immediately Reclined His Seat Way Back And Started Messing With The AC

5 Times Troy Aikman Assured NFL Fans The FOX Sports Robot Poses No Threat To The United States

The Saga Continues: JK Rowling Just Wrote ‘PROFESSOR LEGS’ On A Post-it Note, Stuck It On A Fire Hydrant, Then Gave The Fire Hydrant A Thumbs-Up

Absolutely Beautiful: These Kids At The Beach Who All Just Met Each Other Have Teamed Up To Dig A Very Large Hole

Disappointing: This Kid Got Bit By An Older Werewolf Who Was Clearly Past His Prime And Now The Full Moon Just Turns Him Into An Extremely Sickly Dog With No Powers

Who Knew? When This Family Looked Through Their Late Grandmother’s Photo Albums, They Saw She Used To Have A Giraffe-Like Neck And Rolled With A Giraffe-Necked Crew


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I’m You In An Alternative 2020 and Even Though There’s No Pandemic, You’re Still Depressed, Plus There’s This Huge Komodo Dragon Problem

Points In Case

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Possible Reasons “She’s 13” Is Trending On Twitter (And Their Likelihoods)

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